Hi, Everybody,

I'm so excited about you visiting my site. Let me introduce myself. My name is Yana Bochkarnikova.

I'm a Cake Fairy.

Where I’m from? 

A Cake Fairy with more than 20 years of experience behind my wings. I was born in a wonderful Desserts World of Baskin Robbins.

What I’m proud of?
I’m honoured to be a three times Silver and Bronze Prize Winner of the International Food Championships in Desserts category.

What can I offer?

All types of desserts:

Wedding cakes,

Birthday cakes,

Special occasions cakes,

Kids' Dream Confectioneries,

and so much more!

All sweetmeats and desserts can be prepared according yo your Sugar-Plum dreams and CHERRY-shed desires. Cakes I'm baking are noy only fairy-tasty, but wonderfully creative and marvelous!

And the last but not the least! I can Teach you how to bake delightful fairy cakes and give them an exguisitely unigue look! So making your own dessert will really be, well, a piece of cake.

Call right now and I’ll immediately start turning your sweetest dreams into enchanted (or sugar coated) reality!